30"W X 14"D X 12"H


I Custom make all items and have many fabrics to choose from. You can call or text me at 208-608-0644 to discuss what fabric would fit your taste, decor or your furry friend. I will be happy to send you text pictures of the fabric combinations that you are interested in. 


Embroidery is an extra charge - Depending on the size of the Design - Ranging in price from $6 to $12

The ZuZu Tote was specifically designed for smaller toy breeds or puppies. The Tote has two functions. Firstly, it is used to take your baby with you when you are out and about. It has shoulder straps for easy transport and 2 pockets to store keys, phone, wallet, treats or other items. It can be placed on the floor of your vehicle on the passenger side or drape the straps over the head rest so the Tote rests on the seat. Your puppy will have a comfy and safe ride. Because of the Totes oblong design, it fits nicely in the infant seat of a shopping cart. There is a Safety strap sewn in the bottom of the bed that hooks to a harness or collar to prevent any accidental escapes. The second use for the Tote is as a safe place to put and hook your puppy then place it on your bed at night. You can then get a good nights sleep with your puppy close by knowing that it cannot jump down and possibly injure itself or even brake a leg.

LG Zuzu Tote #01 - Brown Bonded Suede Exterior/Natural Sherpa Interior
  • LG Zuzu Tote #01 - Brown Bonded Suede Exterior/Natural Sherpa Interior
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Built for two! The Exterior has two large side pockets that can be securely used for your wallet and cell phone without interfering with the comfort of your companion. There are two tether straps sewn on the inside used to hook to your pets harness. This prevents any accidental escapes. The straps are adjustable and can be used cross bodied or shortened to purse length. Feel free to call (208-377-2220) to discuss color changes.

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