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Belly Bands

Belly Band Sizes

Extra Small 6" -  8" -  (3" Wide)
Small  8" - 10"-  (4" Wide)
Medium  10" -  12"  -  (4" Wide)
Large  12"  -  14"  -  (4" Wide)

Belly Bands are used for male dogs during potty training or for those that have incontinence issues. I make them out of comfy polar fleece with velcro enclosures. They have a thick obsorbant leakproof pad that is permanently sewn in to ensure that no accidents will happen to your furniture or carpeting. (See the Brown Belly Band pictured). They can be laundered many times without fading. Make sure to join the velcro together securly before laundering to prevent picking up lint.

I also make them without the built in leakproof pad.  (See the Blue Belly Bands with the puppy dog print pictured). With this choice of belly band, a womans sanitary napkin that has the sticky backing can be used instead of the permanent leakproof pad.  One sanitary napkin should be cut into 3 to 4 pieces depending on the size of the belly band. I have many colors and patterns of fabrics to pick from. I am happy to work with you in chosing just the right color & design.
If you have questions regarding the Belly Bands, please feel free to email me (see below), and I will respond quickly. Thank you, Judy